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Artandentertainme.blogspot.com "A healthy start was given to this little eatery by its founder, a celebrity restaurateur Jocelyn Bulow"

Kgoonthego.com "Papito has recently introduced a hot new chef, Efren Villalobos"

Examiner.com "New Chef at Papito Potrero Is Serving Up Great, Organic Mexican Cuisine"

Save Me, San Francisco "The inside is tiny, but the experience is huge!"

www.foodandotherthings.com "Papito is one of my favorite modern mexican places,"

www.SFGate.com "Here, the focus is on high-quality ingredients and high technique."

www.7x7.com "First Bite: The French Take on Tacos at Papito"

www.Examiner.com "We ended our meal with Churros with chocolate sauce and Espresso."

www.jetsetextra.com "Every bite at Papito is worth the wait."

www.nileguide.com "The place is more than just your average taqueria,"